5 Coding Resources for Students

It only makes sense for students to become technology experts during their K-12 years, so they prepare for technology-based career opportunities. Many believe that computer science courses lack the necessary requirements to build a new skill set required for 21st-century jobs.

Here are just a few resources to help your students learn how to code.

Codecademy is a popular (and free) coding resource with an extremely clean and intuitive user interface. It has an interactive design that allows students to learn PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, Python, Ruby, APIs and more.

Code School is a resource for more advanced students that provides in-depth training organized into four paths: Ruby, JavaScript, HTML/CSS and iOS. Many of the courses available are free, but some more advanced courses cost $25 per student.

Designed by MIT students, Scratch targets students between the ages of 8-16. It works very well for beginners and younger students who are new to coding.

With over 1,000 hours of content on coding topics like JavaScript, Python and iOS, Treehouse is a great resource if you have the resources to fund its use. It offers a free trial to give you a sense of what students would gain through the Treehouse experience.

Udacity caters to learners who prefer to hear audible explanations rather than reading them. It allows students to watch videos by industry leaders. Then students take quizzes to assess their knowledge retention.

There are a variety of resources available to teach students how to code and learn website design skills. Learning how to code can benefit students far beyond the classroom. It’s a skill that can prove to be very useful.

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