4 Ways Guidance Counselors Can Go Paperless

While many teachers continue to  join the digital movement in education, it’s important to include everyone involved in the K-12 experience. Here are some ways for guidance counselors to explore going paperless.

blue one smallDigitize your announcements.
Instead of using printouts and fliers for announcements, try switching to email announcements. Students check their email frequently for their assignments, so why not share announcements with them the same way? Another way to digitize your announcements is with an online blog that students can follow.

green 2 smallRethink your scholarship submission box.
Use cloud storage like a Digital Locker for students to submit their scholarship applications. This gives students a simple way to get their scholarship applications in as soon as they complete them. Organize the Digital Locker by class, allowing separate submission boxes for freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors.

orange 3 smallTransform students’ study habits.
The ACT and SAT still are considered to be very important tests. Students often reach out to their guidance counselors for study tips. Offer additional options for students to study outside of school hours by creating a blog or a Class Page with study and testing tips. Having the material available online makes it more accessible for students, and the tips can help students conquer their test study habits when they need it most.

yellow 4 smallAutomate your scheduling.
Guidance counselors don’t have to fall behind the times when it comes to scheduling appointments with students. Apps like integrated calendars mean you can create appointments for students and have the appointment automatically synch to your personal calendar.

The role of the guidance counselor is extremely important, especially as students get closer to preparing for college and beyond. Going paperless not only adds a layer of convenience, but it also gives students more instruction time. The less time they have to spend in the guidance counselor’s office, the more time they can spend in the classroom.