4 Ways to Create Award-Winning School Video Content

Creating video content no longer requires expensive equipment and software as well as years of professional production experience. However, just hitting record doesn’t guarantee success.

Videos aren’t just limited to your website or YouTube. Instagram, Snapchat and other video distribution channels provide additional ways for your school community, and the world, to see your work and student productions. Whether you’re publishing video to your school’s website or using social media, here are a few ideas to ensure your content hits the mark.

1-2016Behind the scenes tours
Snapchat and Periscope have made behind the scenes (BTS) content one of the most popular types of videos to watch. And you don’t have to be famous for people to have an interest in what goes on behind the scenes. Offer parents and community members a front row to seat to what’s happening during the school day with clips for them to enjoy.

2-2016Messages from administrators
Sometimes, it can be very difficult to have a personal touch with every single parent of your school. Try using video messages on your website and on social media so parents have more personable experiences even if they cannot meet you or someone else in person.

3-2016Quick snapshots
You can do a lot in 10-15 seconds. Although that doesn’t seem like a long time, it’s plenty for you to work with. Ask students the same question and record quick videos of their responses. Post these quick snapshots throughout the day. Don’t forget to create a trendy hashtag to go along with it so viewers can search all of the snapshots easily.

4-2016Faculty highlights
Every month, select a faculty member who’s gone above and beyond. Record a video with other students and faculty sharing quick comments and stories about why the selected faculty member is so outstanding.

Video content can be extremely important to a school or district brand. What are some of your ideas for award-winning video content?