4 Ways Your LMS Can Increase Student Engagement

It’s becoming increasingly harder to keep students’ attention. Search any educational website or blog (including this one) and you’ll find a wealth of articles and suggestions on how to stimulate student engagement and how to get students to become active participants in their learning.

The amount of technology being offered to solve this problem seems never ending. It’s true, technology can have a positive impact on student engagement, but the adage of “less is more” also applies. Here are just a few ways to use your learning management system (LMS) to help solve the challenge of student engagement.

1-201624/7 Learning
We’re not encouraging you to conduct midnight class sessions, but with an LMS, you can post activities for students to complete at their leisure. A learning management system allows students to access their content at any moment, which means they can engage around the clock and at their pace.

Allow students to upload video responses to discussion boards. Then sit back and watch the dialogue among your students unfold.

3-2016Flipped Classrooms
Use your LMS to assign pre-work for students to complete outside of the classroom. Use reporting tools to ensure students are spending the right amount of time on task. Then, when you have them in class, the classroom space will become more interactive.

4-2016Chat & SMS
Many LMS platforms have a chat or SMS feature that allows students to interact with their classmates and their teachers at any given moment. So, when a student has a question or an “ah-ha moment,” they don’t have to wait until they return to the classroom to share it.