3 Ways to Use Your LMS to Flip the K12 Classroom

Learning in the digital age is reaching new heights, and the flipped classroom is becoming more of a standard in many areas of education.

When students have the necessary tools to learn outside of class, the culture of the classroom shifts to a much more engaging environment. One of the easiest ways to manage the flipped classroom is with a Learning Management System (LMS). The value an LMS can bring to a face-to-face, flipped classroom is enormous. Here are some suggestions on how to use your LMS to get students to work more outside the classroom while inspiring engagement inside the classroom.

blue one smallUse videos in discussion boards
You no longer have to limit discussion boards to just words. Try uploading a video as a discussion topic, and encourage students to share their thoughts and views on the video in their discussion posts. When they return to class, play the video once more and expound on the posts from the discussion. Since the discussion was started outside the classroom, there also could be room for application during classroom time.

green 2 smallAdd an external tool
Most Learning Management Systems offer the option for Single Sign-On (SSO) to other learning platforms. If you’re using a homework manager or assessment engine that lives outside of your LMS, consider a SSO option that allows your students to access those platforms from the LMS, limiting the need for students and instructors to manage multiple sites and login credentials.

orange 3 smallStore it in the cloud
Using cloud storage, such as Assignments or Digital Lockers, makes it easy for instructors to point students towards information for their flipped explorations. Vast amounts of information can be shared safely and securely, all without harming a single tree.

There is a variety of tools available to flip your classroom, but the LMS is arguably the most important tool. Use the LMS to simplify the process of accessing multiple course materials. With the LMS, you can put everything in one place and you can also track grades and activity as well. The LMS is a powerful tool to use in a flipped classroom allowing students the opportunity to dive into the course content outside of class, so during class time you can focus on areas of improvement and classroom engagement.