3 Ways to Help Teachers Feel Comfortable with Technology in the Classroom

Technology is no longer limited to online and hybrid courses. Many classrooms are using a Learning Management System (LMS) and digital course materials even with traditional face-to-face learning.

As effective as technology can be in the classroom, the fact remains that if instructors are uncomfortable using technology, it will show in the implementation and overall use. It’s important to get your teachers to a certain comfort level using technology so the experience is beneficial for both them and their students. Here are some ways to help teachers feel comfortable with technology in the classroom.

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Get them to embrace reality.
What is that reality, you ask? Well, it’s quite simple—technology inside the classroom is here to stay. Some might still be skeptical, but technology is proving to have a positive impact on student performance. Show teachers different ways to begin incorporating technology, but more importantly lead with the data. Use data to illustrate how technology can transform the learning space and better prepare students for their future.

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Ease them into it.
Technology believers and superusers have a tendency to embrace every form of technology and force that frame of mind on everyone around them. Teachers who are still struggling are coming into the technology space with varying comfort levels. Be aware of the skill levels of others and acknowledge that there will be some learning curves. Instead of overloading teachers who aren’t quite comfortable, consider starting them off slowly. Allow them to work their way into being the superusers you know they can be.

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Offer to train them.
Sometimes discomfort comes from just not knowing what to do or how to properly implement the technology. Simply adding a layer of digital course work into the curriculum can do more harm than good if you haven’t taken into account that some training likely will be needed. When implementing a new learning platform, offer training opportunities for teachers. Make the training relevant to their skill levels and also use the training to illustrate ways to effectively incorporate the technology into the curriculum.

No matter how great technology becomes, it can only be as great as the users behind it. Find ways to ensure teachers’ comfort levels are appropriate for fostering successful learning environments.