3 Ways to Get Tech Newbies on Board with Ed Tech in the Classroom

Technology is no longer a luxury. Frankly, it’s quickly becoming quite ordinary in our lives. Despite this fact, there are still some classrooms where technology is met with much resistance. If you’re wondering how to encourage your faculty to incorporate more technology in the classroom, here are a few places to start.

blue one smallHelp them see what you see.
Being excited about technology in the classroom means you already see the good it can bring. While you’ve totally bought into the idea, there can still be some work to do to get some of your faculty on the same page. Use just-in-time opportunities to illustrate the benefits of technology. Have a peer-to-peer jamboree where your staff can hear success stories directly from their colleagues. Try not to be forceful or overbearing because the slow movers sometimes turn out to be the power users once they experience the benefits.

green 2 smallConsider their objections.
Teachers who object to technology in the classroom typically have legitimate reasons. Take the time to hear them out and understand why they aren’t interested. Once you understand their apprehensions, work with them on ways to combat any opposition. For instance, if you have a teacher who is concerned about technology interfering with productivity in the classroom, show them how they can use technology tools to manage student behavior. Or, if you have instructors who are afraid the technology could replace them, remind them that the technology is only there to complement the work they’re doing. Whatever the objection, hear it out and find a way to tackle it.

orange 3 smallProvide top-notch tech support.
No matter how great a digital platform or tool is, when it fails teachers lose patience. Furthermore, technology can lose its credibility if you don’t provide the necessary support. Teachers want to know that if something goes wrong, there is an infrastructure in place to fix the problem so learning is not interrupted. Before insisting that resistant teachers jump on the technology train, make sure your support structure is in place and properly working.