3 Ways OneNote Puts More Focus on Teaching and Learning

Adding multiple layers of technology won’t necessarily have a positive impact on knowledge acquisition and retention. It’s actually easier for students to learn when you can minimize the number of products being used.

Here’s how a tool like OneNote can do the job of multiple products or platforms while putting even more focus on teaching and learning.

shutterstock_136558250 [Converted]Collaboration
Learning thrives on teamwork; whether it’s between students or teachers, there’s no getting around the need for collaboration. Without technology, collaboration usually is limited to the classroom. OneNote fosters a collaborative environment that allows feedback to escape the walls of school desks and chalkboards. 

Collaborate more with OneNote by:

  • sharing lesson plans with endless opportunities for teachers to make adjustments and provide feedback.
  • using collective workspaces that administrators and teachers can update with curriculum ideas.
  • creating personal workspaces in OneNote Class Notebooks for students to complete group assignments and projects anywhere and at any time.
  • making a private workspace for teachers to give parents updates and feedback.

shutterstock_136558250 [Converted]Assessment
Technology simplifies the task of measuring student aptitude and mastery. The tagging feature in OneNote is especially useful for formative assessment. Teachers can use the tags to identify how far each student is progressing on a particular topic. When teachers know the subjects that students are struggling with, they can address individual student needs more efficiently. In addition to the benefits for teachers, students can also use the tags in OneNote to perform some self-assessment.

Students often are unaware of the topics they don’t know, which causes them to focus most of their time reviewing what’s familiar to them. When students know where they’re not doing well, they have a better idea of where to focus their study time.

shutterstock_136558250 [Converted]Organization
Both students and teachers can always benefit from better organization. In addition to the note- taking functionality in OneNote, you can store everything in one place. Students can store all of their study guides and other resources and let OneNote act as a sort of virtual trapper keeper.

Not only does OneNote integrate with other Microsoft Office tools, but it’s accessible from anywhere as long as you have an Internet connection. Even when you aren’t connected, you can still work within the app and any changes are uploaded once the connection returns.