3 Ways Educators Should Use Blogs

Blogs are a great resource for educators at all levels. They open up doors to a world of innovative approaches to classroom instruction, curriculum design and much more. Here are three ways educators can use blogs to encourage creativity, learning and collaboration.

1-2016Student Blogs

Journaling has been a part of many curriculums for ages. And student blogs are very similar except they happen online and can potentially have a much larger audience. Encourage students to keep a blog in place of submitting daily or weekly journal entries.


As educators, you often need to assess growth in a student’s knowledge over time. Try using a blog as an ePortfolio where students can store and track their assignments. Then, at varying points throughout the year, you and the students can review the submissions and see how their critical thinking and knowledge retention has grown over time. The great thing about using a blog as an ePortfolio is that students will always have access to it even after they’ve completed your course.

3-2016Classroom Blogs

Group work is playing a much larger role in learning because collaboration a critical competency and skill in the workforce. Blogs are an excellent way to encourage teamwork and collaboration among your students. Use a blog to create group assignments for students to work together and encourage collaborative discussion.

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