3 Ways to Add Excitement to Your School Newsletter

Newsletters still play a critical role in a school’s communication plan. Many parents use newsletters as a way to stay in-the-know about what’s happening with their children. But the old-school print-outs that go home in folders and book bags aren’t always the most convenient or practical. With the use of technology, you can have more reach and more flexibility with your school newsletter.

1-2016Start a School Blog

A blog can offer parents a constant stream of communication. In addition to saving paper, parents can access your blog from anywhere at any time. And if your website is responsive, you have an excellent chance of reaching parents on the go. A blog gives you more opportunities to communicate with parents where they are rather than hoping a paper newsletter makes it home.

2-2016Utilize Social Media              

Social media might not be the best place for long updates, but it’s quick and easy to make impromptu changes to event times, locations and more. You can also use your posts to point back to your website or a blog post when you need to share additional information. Many parents have social media accounts. Encourage them to follow your school. Don’t forget to create a school hashtag.

3-2016Incorporate Your Website

A school website is the first place many people will go when they’re in search of information. Your website should have the most up-to-date information with links to your social media accounts and your blog. The goal is to give your visitors an easy way to access information about your school, upcoming events and other relevant information.

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