3 Tips to be Successful With Paperless Grading

Paperless grading allows teachers to take back valuable instructional minutes and increase productivity.

In addition, with a learning management system (LMS) that provides paperless grading, assignments are more easily distributed, completed, graded and returned, streamlining workflow and creating more time for enrichment activities, remediation tutoring and other projects.

With the introduction of Workspaces within the Safe Classroom LMS, teachers can now easily create, assign, collect and score digital worksheets and align questions to state standards. Whether you’re new to paperless grading or have experience using another tool, here are three tips to keep in mind.

blue one smallUse one website or LMS that’s considered home base. It’s important for students to have a consistent place to come back to, which includes lesson plans, announcements and directions.

green 2 smallDiscuss expectations with your students and add a tech policy to your class syllabus. Also make sure that your parents are aware of the new process for grading their children’s work.

orange 3 smallDon’t be afraid to try different types of assessments. Students are digital natives. They will adapt easily to the different online activities you assign.

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