10 Easy Ways to Grow Your School’s Social Media Following

Social media plays a significant role in promoting and maintaining a school’s brand. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter have proven useful for sharing school and district successes and for keeping parents and community members informed during a crisis.

Here are some ways you can increase the number of followers on your school’s social media accounts.

1-2016 Add icons and links to social sites at the top of your website for all visitors to see.

2-2016 Include social media links in faculty email signatures.

3-2016 Promote the use of hashtags at programs and sporting events and add those hashtags to t-shirts and other school merchandise.

4-2016 Ask existing followers to share your content and social media accounts with their followers.

5-2016 Hang posters throughout the community and in local businesses.

6-2016 Conduct contests for students, parents and all of your followers.

7-2016 Remind people of your social media presence at every event you have no matter how small.

8-2016 Encourage faculty to lead by example and follow their school’s social media accounts.

9-2016 Post frequent stories and news articles that your readers can share with their followers.

10-2016 Include a list of your social media accounts in your school newsletter.

There are plenty more ways to grow your followers, but these 10 tips will definitely get you started. What successful tactics have you used?