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Safety Management for G Suite
Wayne Township Public School District: Students’ Use of Google Drive Can Be A Real Eye-Opener

G Suite for Education has become an integral part of the technological landscape at Wayne Township Public Schools and a transition to 1:1. However, the district was concerned that existing resources were not doing the job properly monitoring student activity when using tools such as Google Drive.

Safety Management for G Suite
Edison Township Public Schools: Student Safety That Saves Lives

Edison Township Public Schools needed to make sure that students were safely using their 1:1 devices in school and at home. The district’s digital transformation also includes G Suite for Education, which provides educators and learners a suite of productivity and collaboration tools on the 1:1 devices, but with limited safety controls

Safety Management for G Suite
Mooresville Graded School District: Keeping Students Safe, Every Day

After launching a successful 1:1 initiative as part of an acclaimed digital conversion, Mooresville Graded School District (MGSD) realized the need to take further steps to ensure their students were safe using G Suite for Education.

Safety Management for G Suite
Wisconsin Rapids Public Schools: Student Safety Doesn’t Take the Summer Off

Before providing students with district-issued email accounts, administrators wanted to make sure that they were proactive and reviewing student activity from a safety-oriented perspective.

Safety Management for G Suite
Warsaw Community Schools: How Much is Student Safety Worth? Responding to Cries for Help

A 1:1 pilot program raised some concerns about the safety of students using new technology.