Now is the time to SpeakUp!

Encourage your students to report concerns with your school's exclusive cyber tipline!


SpeakUp Against

√ Threats to the School
√ Suicide, Self Harm, or Depression
√ Unhealthy Relationships
√ Other Threats


Confidential Reporting

Create a safe environment where students are compelled to SpeakUp without feeling as though they will get themselves or their peers in trouble.


Rapid Response

Rest assured that your students’ concerns are being looked into by professionals, 24/7/365. In the most severe cases, Gaggle will contact Law Enforcement to intervene.

Get the Most Out of Your Cyber Tipline

Students are the best lines of defense against issues effecting your schools, however they are often reluctant to speak to an adult or law enforcement. SpeakUp allows your students to confidentially report their concerns, 24/7/365, while still gathering valid student information state-wide tip systems cannot.


Reviewed by Law Enforcement

24-Hour Reporting

Real-Time Review

Direct Contact with District

Validated Student Info

Exclusive to your Students


State Systems

“SpeakUp from Gaggle helps Milford Public Schools be proactive keeping our schools and students safe. The 24/7 human touch that Gaggle provides differentiates its safety tipline from other solutions."

Kevin McIntyre, Ed.D.
Superintendent, Milford Public Schools (MA)

Kevin McIntyre

“SpeakUp has become vital to our students' safety and well-being. Administrators are impressed, and our school resource officers feel confident in its ability."

Jessica Mays
Technology Specialist, Temple Independent School District (TX)