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Tech4Learning is making it easier for schools and districts to get up and running with Wixie by integrating its service with Gaggle.

With this integration, schools and districts will be able to add users to Wixie through their existing Gaggle accounts and provide a Single‐Sign-on (SSO) between the companies’ products.

“If a Gaggle school district buys Wixie, we can now help them set up their Wixie accounts for free. It’s good karma. With partnerships like this one, educators benefit from easier setup and integrated systems,” said Jeff Patterson, Gaggle’s CEO and founder.

“When platforms are integrated with one another, students and staff have a more seamless experience with the technology and can focus on classroom learning and the curriculum,” shared David Wagner, CEO of Tech4Learning.

Once the connection has been established, schools and districts will be able to manage Wixie through their Gaggle accounts while Wixie will automatically keep the data up‐to‐date. The integration creates efficiencies for schools and districts by only needing to make updates in one place.

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