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Bloomington, IL (September 15, 2015) – When schools implement Office 365 productivity software, district technology departments must ensure safe adoption and use for students and teachers. However, Office 365’s safety settings often are not sufficient. For instance, a school administrator can create email rules to filter certain messages, which then requires that person or someone else to review all of the blocked content.

To help technology facilitators and school administrators ensure safety for all users, Gaggle has created a new ebook, “How to Safely Adopt Office 365 into Your School.” Download the eBook for free.

Earlier this month, Microsoft announced a more simplified education Office 365 lineup, moving to a single free plan for all academic institutions. With more schools and districts likely considering Office 365, it is important to understand the product’s limited safety controls and support that make students more vulnerable to online safety concerns.

"Schools continue to implement great technology, such as Office 365, but they need a way to make sure their students are safe using these educational tools," said Rob Yoegel, Gaggle's vice president of marketing. “This new ebook is packed with tips, suggestions and advice on how to get the most from Office 365 in the safest way possible.”

In addition to outlining Office 365's safety risks, the new ebook covers topics such as:

• Making digital lesson-planning easy

• Promoting collaborative learning

• Creating an efficient classroom

“How to Safely Adopt Office 365 into Your School” also includes a case study about how Georgetown Independent School District in Georgetown, Texas, overcame a yearlong struggle to resolve its safety concerns around using Office 365 for student email.

The new ebook comes on the heels of a similar resource for schools using Google Apps for Education (GAFE) called "12 Ways to Safely Adopt Google Apps into Your School." "We received a tremendous amount of interest for our GAFE ebook and thought schools and districts using Office 365 would be interested in a resource created specifically for them," said Yoegel.

This summer, Gaggle also announced expanded professional development and Office 365 training options, including onsite or online webinar courses that can be tailored to meet the needs of a school or district using Office 365 or Google Apps for Education.

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