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With the release of the Gaggle App for Android and iPhone, Gaggle’s safe, online teaching and learning platform is now available on any modern web browser and just about any smartphone or tablet device.

The new releases complement Gaggle's existing iPad app, which has been available and used by students and teachers for years. School districts can now confidently embrace Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and 1:1 initiatives, knowing that Gaggle can be deployed on any device a student uses.

IT departments that distribute district-owned devices now can share a common provisioning profile on both iPhones and iPads.  Likewise, on Android, the Gaggle App can be installed on any modern Android phone or tablet.

If a classroom is executing a shared device initiative, students can have their own set of documents, files and email that are safe, secure and protected from other users who access the same device. If a school has BYOD classrooms, the Gaggle App gives students and teachers the ability to access Gaggle from home, school or on-the-go, regardless of device.

“Students want access to everything, all the time, everywhere,” said Gaggle CEO and founder Jeff Patterson. “Smartphones and tablets are transforming the way we live and learn. Gaggle's new iPhone and Android Apps allow students and teachers to have it all.”

Safe and secure communication remains at the core of new Apps, which both include comprehensive spam and virus protection and specialized screening processes for inappropriate text and images.

Additional features include:

Digital Locker File Storage: Secure, virtual file storage accessible from home or school with preview capability for dozens of file types including: Word, Excel, Power Point, PDF, images, movies and more.

GaggleTube: YouTube access with all content filtered and monitored.

Email: Full access to Gaggle email.

Assignment Drop Boxes: Teachers can create, assign and collect assignments for a true paperless classroom.

Social Learning Walls: Profile-based connections with sharing of content, text and communications.

Document Editor: Edit and create Word documents within Digital Lockers.

Mark It Up! Digital Grading Tool: Teachers can digitally grade assignments and return them to students by using highlight, strikeout, text underline and comment tools.

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