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Hidden Apps and Texting Language Teens are Using

Kids have always had their own language but never more so than in the age of social media. As Sally MacDonald reports, many teens are engaging in behavior they’ve found a way to keep secret.


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Safekeeping in 2017

Ralph Barca, chief technology officer at Edison Township Public Schools in New Jersey, believes in a multilayered approach when it comes to security.


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RCSD Students Learn About Being on Safer Internet

February 7 marks International Safer Internet Day. Many students in the Rochester City School District spent the day learning about how to protect themselves from online dangers.


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Coming to a City Near You: Student Online Safety Symposiums

So, what is a Student Online Safety Symposium? Symposiums are designed to educate, inform, and create an ongoing dialog about the roles that schools play in keeping students safe.


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Highline Public Schools Holding Internet Safety Workshop on Tuesday, Jan. 24

Highline Public Schools will be holding an Internet Safety Workshop on Tuesday, Jan. 24, from at 6 – 7:30 p.m. at Pacific Middle School in Des Moines.


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Parents Worry About Kids’ Digital Access In Schools

Parents grapple with it every day: staying on top of their child’s digital life. School districts are also in the same boat – but with thousands of kids under one roof, it can be tough.


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Dixon Students’ Email Accounts ‘Just the Tip of the Iceberg’

Dixon High School students are getting district email addresses and an initial wave of software to make their lives easier during and after school.


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Seamlessly Integrating Technology into the Classroom in Northern New Jersey

Technology has transformed the classroom in innumerable ways in recent years. Attendance, assessments and even classroom learning increasingly take place in the digital sphere, making technology professionals a vital part of any educational organization.