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Safety Management Solutions Now Available with Gaggle Through our Consortium Discount

Gaggle helps ensure the safety of students by combining machine learning technology with real people who review questionable or suspicious content in email, online file storage, links, attachments and other tools. Safety Management is offered for both Google Apps for Education and Microsoft Office 365.


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State Laws Impact Bullying Rates

Students living in states with an antibullying law that includes at least one U.S. Department of Education-recommended legislative component had lower reported bullying and cyberbullying rates compared to students living in states without such legal provisions, according to recent research.


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The 2016 Honor Roll: EdTech’s Must-Read K-12 IT Blogs

Looking for direction in the ever-expanding world of education technology? You don’t have to look hard to find education bloggers. But who are the true trend setters? EdTech is proud to spotlight some of the education industry’s most influential thought-leaders in our latest crop of the top K-12 IT bloggers.


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Survey Reveals Student Online Safety a Growing Concern for School Administrators

Gaggle and the American Federation of School Administrators (AFSA) today announced the results of a survey that reveal school officials are paying more attention to the safety of their students when using educational technology.


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Prioritizing Student Online Safety in Your School

In our new infographic, which is being made available to AFSA members before anyone else, you can learn how to lay a foundation for digital citizenship while taking a closer look at the threats to students in just one school semester.


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Mountain Brook Schools CTO Shares Years of Experience

Donna Williamson talked about tech priorities in her small school district of about 4,400 students. The district recently implemented a technology bundle for the school, and the decision to go with Chromebooks.


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New School District Monitoring System Being Put in Place To Protect Students

While the name doesn’t sound serious, their business is. Gaggle provides a monitoring solution that scans email, attachments, calendars, and documents looking for pornography, inappropriate images, and certain words.


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Professional Development: Making it Work

This infographic covers teachers’ perception of professional development (PD) and provides tips to make PD effective and efficient.