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Solution to Protect Students Released

Gaggle announced the public release of SpeakUp, a unique safety tipline for K-12 schools. Integrated into school districts’ G Suite for Education accounts, students see the SpeakUp email address whenever they start to compose a message, eliminating the need to download a mobile app or to remember a phone number.


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Gaggle Releases SpeakUp Safety Tipline

Gaggle announced today the public release of SpeakUp, a safety tipline for K-12 schools. Because SpeakUp is integrated into districts’ G Suite for Education accounts, students see the SpeakUp email address whenever they start to compose a message.

Sun TImes Saline

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Saline Superintendent Scot Graden Responds to Recent Events

As many mourn the Parkland High School mass shooting they also wonder, “could it happen here?” In a blog posted Saturday morning, Saline Area Schools Superintendent Scot Graden said we should not assume it can’t happen in Saline.

Wilton Bulletin

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Superintendent: School Safety is District’s ‘Highest Priority’

The senseless tragedy in Florida naturally raises questions about student safety and well-being in the Wilton Public Schools. The following overview is meant to assure you that student safety is our highest priority, and to share with you information about ongoing efforts to ensure the safety, security and well-being of students across the entire district.

Greenwich Time

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Greenwich Superintendent Outlines Steps Taken for Student Safety

In the aftermath of Wednesday’s deadly school shooting in Florida, Greenwich Superintendent of Schools Jill Gildea has sent a letter home to parents assuring them safety measures are in place in the town’s schools.


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Greenwich Schools Superintendent Discusses Parkland, FL Tragedy

The following message was sent out to the Greenwich Public Schools community from Greenwich Schools Superintendent Dr. Jill Gildea offering condolences to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL following this week’s tragic mass shooting.


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Statewide Partnerships Focused on Safety Management

School districts throughout the states of Pennsylvania and South Dakota now can purchase Gaggle Safety Management at a significant discount.


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State Educators Attend Symposium On Student Safety In Yakima

In Yakima, dozens of educators attended a symposium on student safety. It was specifically about the internet and technology and how school districts can work to maintain safety for kids.