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School board approves purchase of social media, email monitoring software

At a recent school board meeting, Iredell-Statesville Schools Board of Education approved the purchase of social media monitoring using Gaggle Safety Management for Google.

Campus Security & Life Safety

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New Tech Program Identifies ‘High Risk Words,’ Potential Threats In Student Communications

One school in Tennessee has already helped the prevention of acts of suicide or violence by using the Gaggle.

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Cincinnati school superintendent, police chief address school security, pedestrian safety

With the Cincinnati Public Schools back in session, the district rolled out a new three-year strategic plan with a goal to focus on the health and safety of the students.

Gaggle Software To Help Ottumwa Schools Monitor Internet Activity - Video

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Gaggle Software To Help Ottumwa Schools Monitor Internet Activity

Ottumwa School District is employing a new internet software, Gaggle Safety Management, that will allow administrators to monitor the online activity of their students.


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New tech program to identify threats to student safety in county schools

As an additional safety measure, the Williamson County School District implemented a technology program Gaggle, which tracks and identifies red flags that indicate threats or harm to students.


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Mass Shootings Renew Schools’ Concerns With Protecting Students

Schools are investing in high-tech solutions to flag potential student perpetrators of violence such as mass shootings.

eSchool News

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6 reasons we’re using a student safety platform

Here’s why a student safety platform that allows for proactive monitoring is Yorkville School District 115’s most important piece of software

Education Dive

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Making the professional development-student safety connection

A district tech director details five ways to use professional development to improve success rates when implementing student safety platforms.