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How districts are addressing adolescent mental health

Adolescent mental health is an urgent and pressing issue–here’s what districts can do to take care of students.

News Channel 6, Wichita Falls, TX

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WFISD credits software for helping students at risk of harming themselves

The Wichita Falls ISD in Texas is giving credit to a software program or helping them protect students beyond the classroom. The software program is called Gaggle and it has been installed on all the district’s laptops.

eSchool News

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How our district cultivates a healthy student mindset

Five specific actions are helping this district promote a healthy student mindset and ensure students are meeting positive outcomes

NPR On Point

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When Schools Use Tech To Monitor Students Online, Class Is Always In Session

Some school districts are using tech companies to monitor students’ digital activity around the clock. Could this compromise student privacy?

Campus Security & Life Safety

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Texas School District Partners with Gaggle to Monitor Activity on School-Provided Devices

Beaumont ISD has partnered with Gaggle to help monitor students’ activities online such as signs of bullying, depression and inappropriate behavior.

Iowa City Press-Citizen

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Not unlike protecting children in a playground:’ Iowa schools look for evidence of self harm in emails

Day and night, Urbandale schools track what students write in online documents or send from email addresses associated with the school district.

12 News ABC

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Beaumont ISD to add Google software for students, 24/7 security monitoring

Beaumont ISD in Beaumont, Texas is looking to install Google software in thousands of devices throughout the district.

Beaumont Enterprise

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BISD approves AI program to curb violence, suicide

Beaumont ISD has approved a contract with an artificial intelligence-based safety management system to monitor student emails and Google Drive accounts in an effort to prevent bullying, violence and suicide.