We blocked your "Selfies!"

Last year Gaggle blocked and reported over 100,000 videos and images of self-taken pornography featuring students and underage children.

542 Lives Saved!

Last year, Gaggle prevented 542 students from carrying out an act of suicide.

Keep Drugs Off Campus!

Take action on substance abuse and get children the help they need.

94,830 juveniles were arrested on drug charges in last year.

Suicide is the #2 leading cause of death for people ages 15-24.

8.2 million instances of child exploitation are reported each year.

Real Safety in Real-Time

Ensure the Safety and Well-Being of your Students on their School-Issued Email and Drive Accounts.


Prevent tragedies with real-time content analysis, and around-the-clock notifications from our Safety Team.

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Proactively identify students who are struggling, and provide support where needed.

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Create a safer school environment by building digital citizenship.

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"Without Gaggle, we probably would think that the communication and education that we have in place is adequate, but thanks to Gaggle we know that we need to do more."

Sarah Trimble-Oliver
CIO, Cincinnati Public Schools

“We use other products, like GoGuardian and Securly, to help keep our students safe and secure. Those products can't touch what Gaggle does…”

Kaycie Sullivan
Technology Coordinator, Junction Independent School District (TX)

Kaycie Sullivan

“Our best practices and expectations didn’t align with the way SafeMail is set up. Gaggle makes it so much easier for us to understand what is going on with our students.”

John Crum
Director of Technology, Plainfield Community Schools (IN)

“Our Google usage was growing exponentially... We were using CloudLock, but it wasn’t user-friendly, and it wasn’t giving us the information that we needed.”

Dr. Joe Borchard
Director of Technology, Wayne Township Public School District (NJ)

Joe Borchard

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