Case Study

Hearing Students’
Cries for Help

Serving approximately 17,500 students, Highline Public Schools utilizes Gaggle to identify those who are crying out for help. Learn how our student safety solution helps this Washington district bring families and staff together to support students in crisis.


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An urban Washington district wanted to safeguard its diverse student population in the digital playground.


Implemented Gaggle Safety Management for the district’s Google Workspace for Education and Google Chat environments. 


Multiple student lives have been saved, and the district intervenes when necessary to provide teachable moments and keep students on the path to success.

CASE STUDY - Highline Public Schools
“There are children in crisis in my district. But with Gaggle, my team and I have the ability to intervene on behalf of students who really are crying out for help. Today more than ever before, those cries for help are increasing, and we need to hear them. And Gaggle allows us to hear them and do something about it.”

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At the recommendation of the district’s superintendent, Vancouver Public Schools implemented Gaggle to help keep students safe when they use district-provided devices. Students, teachers, and administrators now have a centralized platform that they can rely on to monitor the use of technology and bring attention to serious issues.
After rolling out a 1:1 Chromebook program across grades K-8, this California district needed to ensure that students would be protected online. Gaggle has helped the district save a student life every year since its implementation and enabled educators to intervene in cases of bullying and self-harm.
Supporting students’ social and emotional well-being across diverse educational settings isn’t easy, which is why this Colorado district decided to add Gaggle to its technology lineup. Within just a few days of implementation, one student’s life was save thanks to a Gaggle alert.