Gaggle Therapy

Students are facing a myriad of mental health challenges. Gaggle Therapy provides an easy way for districts to support student mental health through ongoing teletherapy sessions.

The Student Mental Health Crisis

Students need access to ongoing mental health support now more than ever. Gaggle Therapy can help.
10 Million Students
10 million students
ages 13–18 need professional help for a mental health condition, yet 70% do not receive the treatment they need
student references to self-harm and suicide
were identified by Gaggle during the 2020–21 school year
70% Chart
of teens
see anxiety and depression as a major problem among their peers

How Does Gaggle Therapy Work?

For years, Gaggle has been helping schools prevent tragedies by identifying kids in crisis. Watch and learn how Gaggle is becoming part of the solution through ongoing teletherapy for students.

The Benefits of Gaggle Therapy

Positive Outcomes
Positive Outcomes
Students who access therapy show a multitude of positive outcomes and are less likely to engage in risky behaviors, such as substance misuse, bullying, and self-harm.
Flexible Access
Flexible Access
Students participate in teletherapy sessions anytime from home or at school, with no out-of-pocket costs for students or families.
Bridging Service Gaps
Bridging Service Gaps
No matter where you’re located, Gaggle can provide licensed therapists who have a track record of supporting student mental health.

Serve More Students With Blanket Coverage

Improves access to mental health services by making sure every student is covered. Here’s how it could benefit your district:

  • Provides four times the coverage of the retainer model
  • Fixed pricing includes more students
  • Cost-effective and inclusive
Serve More With Blanket Coverage
“The Gaggle Therapy model makes this service available for those who wouldn’t be able to access it otherwise—it’s changed therapy from an elective support to an accessible resource.”

Learn How Gaggle Therapy Can Help

Contact Gaggle to discover how you can support student mental health with our teletherapy solution.