On-Demand Product Webinars

Access on-demand webinars that address Gaggle basics, best practices, how-to guidance and much more to help you successfully implement Gaggle.

Gaggle Workspace and Gradebook

Introducing Workspace and Gradebook
Learn more about the new Workspace & Gradebook tools available in the Safe Learning Management System (LMS).

GaggleTubeSearching, Sharing, & Managing Videos in GaggleTube
This webinar covers everything you need to know about GaggleTube, from searching and playing videos to sharing videos with your students.

Gaggle EmailUsing & Managing Email in Gaggle
Learn more about our K-12 specific email features, such as automated address group creation for classes and scheduling email for a later date and time.

Gaggle BasicsGaggle Basics
The Gaggle Basics webinar is great for anyone new to Gaggle. Learn about the interface, personal account settings, and other basic setup information.