Unity Partner Program

The Gaggle Unity Partner Program provides free data integration services for all educational technology vendors. As a unified data integration point for any technology platform, Gaggle provides safe and secure account provisioning and single sign-on, resulting in reduced costs and fewer delays to overburdened school district technology resources.

Save time & money.
Simple integration. Fast student login.

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Vendor Benefits

  Simple Integration
Create user accounts without talking to school districts’ IT departments. Gaggle does all the work!

Free & Easy Implementation
Help more schools faster and at no cost. Gaggle uses a simple, JSON-based REST API that, in most cases, can be implemented in one day.

•  New Business
Increase adoption of your product.

School District Benefits

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•  Save Time & Money
User accounts and school and class rosters are provisioned from any student information system (SIS), allowing you to focus on other projects.

  A Trusted Partner
For more than a decade, schools have trusted Gaggle with student safety and data privacy.

Current Partners

Mytonomy oncourse Penda  Tech4Learning
Discovery Education

Gaggle believes in integrating with all of the solutions that school districts use and want to use. In addition to the partners listed above, Gaggle started integrating with Google Apps for Education (GAFE) in 2007. Gaggle makes Google safe and turns Google Apps for Education into a full-fledged learning platform. In 2013, Gaggle began integration with Microsoft Office 365, including email, Yammer and OneDrive.