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Real Student Safety Saves Lives (Infographic)

Students use school-provided technology such as Chromebooks and other devices—as well as communication and collaboration products like G Suite for Education and Office 365—to support learning and prepare them for further stages in life. Unfortunately, students also use these tools inappropriately. Published: 8/2017

Top Social Networking Sites & Apps Your Kids Use

Gaggle Safety Representatives continue to discover websites and apps that pose potential risks to students. Here’s a list that we continue to compile. Updated: 8/2017

Prioritizing Student Online Safety (Infographic)

School-issued technology has led districts to consider an around-the-clock approach to looking after the safety of their students while also helping them learn how to be good digital citizens. This infographic will contribute to making student online safety a higher priority throughout your school or district. Published: 5/2016

Professional Development: Making it Work! (Infographic)

Professional development in educational technology remains a top priority. Yet, implementing effective and successful professional development continues to be a challenge, requiring proper planning, buy-in from teachers, time and money. Published: 2/2016

Why Archiving Makes Sense (White Paper)

This Osterman Research white paper demonstrates the critical importance of electronic archiving as a best practice for any school district to follow. Updated: 1/2016

The Benefits of Private Accounts in Your Email Archive

Switching to a free email archiving solution, such as Google Vault, might sound appealing, but the inability to create Private Accounts should be considered a big reason not to make the move. Private Accounts provide major benefits for school districts concerned about who has access to their archived data. Published: 5/2015