Prioritizing Student Online Safety

School-issued technology has led districts to consider an around-the-clock approach to looking after the safety of their students while also helping them learn how to be good digital citizens. This infographic will contribute to making student online safety a higher priority throughout your school or district. 5/2016

Professional Development: Making it Work!

Professional development in educational technology remains a top priority. Yet, implementing effective and successful professional development continues to be a challenge, requiring proper planning, buy-in from teachers, time and money. 2/2016

Today's Paperless Classroom

Educators continue to eliminate more paper inside the classroom with the help of learning management systems, websites, blogs, apps and interactive curriculum. Is your school ready to go paperless? In this infographic, discover five ways to create a paperless classroom. 1/2015

Why Archiving Makes Sense

Archiving is a critical best practice for any school district. Besides the key reasons for school districts of any size to consider when deciding to implement an archiving solution – including legal and regulatory accountability – archiving can provide a variety of functional benefits associated with managing IT infrastructure. Published: 8/2014

Words Not to Live By

In just one school semester, more than 2.6 million instances of inappropriate words and images were discovered and blocked in student online communication tools leading warnings sent to district administrators and law enforcement. Help your students become better digital citizens in an effort to keep technology as a positive force in their lives. Published: 4/2014

How to Keep Students Safe Online

The need for educators to help prevent bullying, drug use, school violence, teen depression and abusive domestic situations has never been greater. Discover what your students are doing online in this infographic. Published: 2/2014