Everything You Need to Know (and more) About Cyberbullying

Learn some of the lesser-known ways students experience cyberbullying; preventative measures that schools and districts can take; and how you can prepare yourself and react when cyberbullying occurs. Published: 2/2017

Email Migration Handbook

Email migration provides some important benefits for schools and districts, particularly for those that are moving to the cloud or to a new email platform. However, it’s a risky process that can turn out quite badly for those who don’t manage the process adequately from start to finish. Published: 11/2016

12 Ways to Safely Adopt G Suite for Education into Your School

Together with Amplified IT, we’ve created this ebook to help technology facilitators with user adoption and to help ensure that G Suite for Education will be safe for teachers and students. Updated: 10/2016

The K-12 Website Success Handbook

Whether you’re looking for a new website provider or want to re-energize your current website, this ebook will convince you that it’s easier than you think to get the website your school needs. Published: 12/2015

How to Safely Adopt Office 365 into Your School

Use the ideas in this ebook to increase adoption of Office 365 in your school or district and to help ensure that Microsoft's productivity tools will be safe for teachers and students. Published: 9/2015

A Principal's Guide to Using an LMS

Use the ideas in this ebook to help increase user adoption and ensure that your learning management system will be safe for your teachers and students to use. Published: 10/2015

Your Digital Dad: Climbing from Base Camp to the Summit of Your Dreams

Kevin Honeycutt tells his personal story and a life’s worth of experiences that he’s translated into a message that challenges youth to think about how their decisions will affect them today, their choices later in life, and the opinions of others. Published: 11/2014

Blended Learning: Integrating Multiple Technologies for Customized Instruction and Assessment

While the specific needs of a district, school or classroom will vary, each can utilize different technologies that exist today to aid in the instruction and delivery of a successful blended learning model. This ebook explains the various types of blended learning models being used in real classrooms throughout the country. Published: 6/2014

The Illicit Internet: Leveraging Advanced Technology for Student Safety

The prevalence of online pornography has been a threat to a child’s virtual environment since the onset of the World Wide Web. The introduction of the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) in 2001 brought this dilemma to the forefront of K-12 education, spurring many companies to take on this challenge. Updated: 6/2014