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Written by Rob Yoegel
on October 10, 2017

If you haven't noticed, with the launch of our new website last month, we've renamed our popular case studies to Success Stories.

The goal of Gaggle Success Stories is to give our incredible school district partners the opportunity to tell you how we help keep their students safe or save time and money with K-12 solutions such as Gaggle Archiving & Backup. You can find a Success Story based on specific criteria, including the location of the district, the size of the school district or the Gaggle K-12 solution used by the district.

Each Gaggle Success Story includes brief Challenge, Solution and Results sections. Think of it as a tl;dr version of the full story, which you still can read or print. We'll also be adding more video and audio clips in future Success Stories.

We converted close to 20 case studies to this new format, including our most recent Success Story that highlights the work of Mario De La Rosa, Director of Safety and Security, and others at Round Rock Independent School District. In addition to learning how this Texas school district takes a proactive approach to student safety by breaking down department silos, you will learn:

  • How Gaggle Safety Management has become one of the primary ways the district learns about potential threats to students or schools.
  • How a late-night phone call helped save one student's life.
  • How the passage of David's Law in Texas impacts Round Rock’s approach to student safety.

Read the entire success story, “How Gaggle Supports David’s Law and Keeps Students Safe,” and learn more about how Gaggle helps school districts like Round Rock ISD keep their students safe.

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