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Written by Rob Yoegel
on January 30, 2017

Moderating students’ use of G Suite for Education and keeping them safe is no easy task.

An ever-increasing number of educators are experiencing this first-hand, including Kaycie Sullivan, the technology coordinator at Junction Independent School District (ISD) in Texas. After replacing her existing learning management system with G Suite, Kaycie discovered right away that she didn't want to rely on Google’s built-in compliance rules to review questionable and suspicious student content in Google Drive and Gmail.

Our latest case study describes how Junction ISD relies on Gaggle’s trained professionals to alert administrators to situations that need their attention, so everyone inside the small district can instead focus on doing their jobs. You will also learn how the school district:

  • Gave precious time back to a small technology team so it could focus on other tasks.
  • Helped one student who wrote about “cutting” in a journal get the help she needed.
  • Expects Gaggle Safety Management to fit perfectly into its plans to go 1:1.

Read the entire case study, “Google’s Built-in Safety Rules Not Enough to Keep Students Safe” and learn more about how Gaggle helps students stay safe when using G Suite for Education, by visiting the case study section of the Gaggle Content Library.

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