The Gaggle Story

Jeff Patterson wanted to bring the power of digital communication to schools to engage and motivate students. Understanding that student safety was a primary concern, Jeff created a system that identifies suspicious items and allows control and transparency for teachers and administrators.

Since the inception of Gaggle as a student email provider in 1998, the company has grown significantly adding products that help schools create safe learning environments. When asked why he chose the name “Gaggle,” Jeff replies: “Our goal was to give teachers an easy way to watch over their gaggle of students.” Jeff’s vision of student-centric schools using cutting-edge technology to safely inspire creativity and ingenuity remains the driving force in Gaggle’s ongoing story.


Jeff Patterson, Founder & CEO

Jeff Patterson, our visionary and founder, is the driving force behind Gaggle’s success. He is proof that when you let your mind run free, you can create innovative and revolutionary products. His character epitomizes California living; relaxed, approachable, and free-spirited.

Bill McCollough, VP of Sales

Bill runs our Sales Team like Hall-of-Famer, Jimmy Johnson. His eagerness for success is apparent in –and out– of the office. As a die-hard sports fan, you can usually find Bill playing a round of golf, racking up points on Fantasy, or watching the game with his family. Always bet on Bill.


Heather Durkac, VP of Operations

Heather’s passion for our customers is in the same league as her infatuation with the Cardinals. Step one foot inside her office and be instantly transported to Busch Stadium. Her love of the game is matched by her 2 children and husband, a collegiate baseball coach himself!

Aaron Hughes, Chief Technology Office

Aaron is the man behind the curtain. A problem-solver by nature, Aaron applies his exceptional skills into making Jeff’s dreams a reality– no matter how outlandish. His logical mindset also helps him hustle board game night with his wife and kids.


Ron Zoibi, Chief Financial Officer

Ron is our go-to money man! His love of numbers parallels his passion for golf. Ron's natural tendencies for precision, patience, and integrity prove to be successful in the office and on the course. In addition to finance, Ron leads our Human Resource department; a logical fit for his approachable personality.